DGP Animal and Poultry Feeds
We, DGP Animal and Poultry Feeds, (Also known as Dada Ganpati Guar Products Pvt. Ltd.) offer a wide selection of  products for your specific requirements. Established in the year 2008, we are one of the leading Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Compound Guar Protein Meal Feeds and Poultry Feeds, Fodders and top end Animal Nutritional Diet for various types of animals and birds. We possess a perfect blend of latest technologies and highly qualified veterinarians and nutritionists to produce a range of wholesome animal fodder. DGP Animal Feed offers Guar Protein based 7 products with protein 50% Min to 62% (DMB). It is one of the best cattle/poultry feed with high protein value & 100% natural. View More


Poultry Industry
At DGP we are offering our finest products as per of poultry industry standards and requirements. The addition of Guar Protein Mealin poultry diets is a useful.
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Cattle/Dairy Industry
From the first day- dairy/cattle industry is our biggest market. From India to Overseas, we been catering our products at most competitive price with high nutrition. Click here
In Fish/Carps species, MicroLam Protein Meal can replace the animal protein sources. For first 15 days Fish needs at least 50% Protein which is possible only with MicroLam Korma. Click here
  • Latest Price (Ex Factory)

  • Products (Protein% DM) *Prices*
    Guar Meal Churi:38-40% 19.75 Rs/KG
    Raw Guar Korma:48-50% 25.50 Rs/KG
    Roasted Guar Korma:56-58% 32.50 Rs/KG
    MicroLam Korma:58-60% 34.50 Rs/KG

Features of Our Products

  • Free from contaminants
  • High nutritional content
  • High quality products
  • Customized packaging