About Us

The company's first commitment is to provide highest quality products and services to a global customer base at competitive prices. We are ISO 9001-2000 Company committed to our Quality Management system and Quality Policy. 

We are best in our field to manufacture highest quality products & customized products according to the needs of our customers due to: 

Strategic location - The 80% of Guar is produced in INDIA & the best quality is produced in canal irrigated area having dune sands land. Our plants are located only in this canal irrigated belt to get regular supply of quality Guar Seeds. 

Fresh Water, Air & Power - Regular power, water & air are also the raw material to produce quality products of guar. Our plants are located in green fields far from the dusts of Industrial area & having plenty of best water & air supply. Our plants have connected with 33 KV independent power supply feeder to have uninterrupted power supply for continuous production. 

Latest Technology - Our plants are designed by the best engineers of the industry using latest R&D, Technology to produce best quality products. 

Quality Checks - Very start from guar seeds purchasing, pre cleaning, grading of seeds to the packing of finished products, our quality assurance teams have regular checks & analysis of materials. 

Strong R&D Lab - Our plants are equipped with latest Lab equipments for regular analyses & R&D. Our labs are equipped with ultra modern & innovative equipments. We are having a qualified team to improve product quality. We have also long term contracts with renowned research institutions for the purpose.