Roasted Guar Korma

About Product:

It is our pleasure to introduce you to a 100% NON GMO, Organic Vegetable Protein (up to 60%) source for aqua feed. The plant is named "Guar" and meal obtained from it is called Guar Meal.

About Production Procedure:

Roasted Guar Korma contains most of the germ part of guar seeds which is a certified NON GMO plant. It is further Processed, Refined & Roasted to remove trypsin inhibitor, antinutritive factor that limits the use of different leguminous meals in aqua diets.

Processed with heat, inactivates harmful trypsin inhibitor which indirectly enhances protein and Amino acids digestibility in the product resulting in increased productivity of Fish. Our value added product- ‘PRO-NX 60’ being free from ANFs becomes more desirable and viable protein source for animal feed formulators in era of sky rocketing prices of feed raw materials.

Roasted Guar Korma (‘PRO-NX 60’) is rich in proteins and carbohydrates, and is a 100 % natural agricultural product without the addition of any chemicals or preservatives. Roasted Guar Korma (‘PRO-NX 60’) can be used either in conjunction with other feed stuffs, as it is a complete nutritional feed component.

Features of the Product:

  • Higher percentage of Crude Protein up to 56% & digestible fat up to 7%.
  • Higher Digestibility Index, due to elimination of anti nutritive factors & heat treatment (roasting).
  • More desirable and balanced amino acid Profile.
  • Higher Energy content and FATS (oil) percentage as it’s not de-oiled or extruded.
  • Fat in Roasted Guar Korma: 7.08% while in Soya Meal: 0.20% - 1.00% 
  • 100% mechanical process which ensures no use of harmful chemicals for extraction or preservation.
  • Total Energy: Pro NX 60:4050 Kcal/Kg. while Soya Meal: 3650 Kcal/Kg 
  • Metabolic Energy (ME): Pro NX 60:3191 Kcal/Kg. Soya Meal: 2400Kcal/Kg 
  • Higher percentage of Phosphorus and other essential minerals.
  • Higher Palatability due to higher index of Glutamic Acid content
  • Low content of TVN (Total Volatile Nitrogen) 10mg/100gm which Keeps aqua animal fresh out of water, reduces ammonia decomposition.
  • Free flowing, uniform fine particle size
  • Natural Pallet Binder- water binding ability.