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Roasted Guar Korma(Pro NX-60)

Roasted Guar Korma is our best selling product having protein value up to 56%. It is processed with utmost hygiene to maintain the palatability & digestibility. Refining & Roasting are the key factors while processing this product. It is the most economical yet excellent replacement of expensive Fish Meal & Soya Meal (SPC). It is NON GMO & 100% plant obtained.

Plain Guar Korma (Pro NX-50)

It is obtained during the initial stage of crushing which is mainly the germ part of the seed. It is further refined and packed without roasting. It is mainly used by Cattle & Poultry industry.

Guar Meal Churi (Pro NX-40)

Guar Meal Churi is having 38-42% of protein. After obtaining from Split process, it is refined, roasted, sterilized with ultra modern technology at our plant. Guar Meal Churi also has good content contents of Oil & Albuminoids (O&A 5-7%). It contains fiber up to 5%. We have enhanced its palatability and digestibility for cattle & other animals.

Packaging & Storage

Product Specifications Guar Meal Churi (Pro NX-40) Plain Guar Korma (Pro NX-50) Roasted Guar Korma (Pro NX-60) Bio Guar Protein (Pro NX-60+)
Protein Value(DM) 38-42% 48-50% 55-56% 56-60%

We offer following packaging options:

Type of Bags Quantity
HDPE Bags 50.00 Kgs
Jumbo Bags 1 MT
Container Liner Bag 22 MT

We can customize packing as per of your requirement.

Shelf Life: Our products have extended Shelf Life of 24 Months.

Typical Analysis For Amino Acid
Lysine 2.56% Methionine 2.96%
Methio + Cystine 1.00% Glycine 5.85%
Arginine 9.96% Glycine 5.85%
Glysine + Serine 2.56% Histidine 3.75%
Isoleucine 26.85% Leucine 2.40%
Phenylalanine 3.47% Valine 2.54%
Aspartic Acid 4.55% Glutamic Acid 9.24%
Praline 13.01% Almandine 1.60%
Tyrosine 6.13% Trytophan 0.52%
Roasted Guar Protein Korma Specifications
(HS CODE : 13023210)
Appearance Granular Form
Moisture 5% ± 1%
Protein (DM) 56% - 58%
Oil 5% ± 1.0%
Fiber 4% ±1%
Ash 2%
Salmonella, Aflatoxin, E.Coli, PCP Not detected
Guar Meal Churi Specifications : (HS CODE : 13023210)
Appearance White Fine Powder/Flour
Moisture 6% ± 2%
Protein (DM) 38% - 40%
Oil 5% ± 2%
Fiber 6% ± 2%
Ash 5% ± 2%
Salmonella, Aflatoxin, E.Coli, PCP Not detected